When is the next House Slam? 


House Slam is every 2nd & 4th Friday.  The next House Slam will always be listed on the home page of our website.  There is also updated events on facebook to let you know what’s going on!


How can I slam? 


Easy!  Show up!  If you get to our venue anywhere between 6:15pm-6:30pm; you can definitely sign-up upon entrance.


What if I’m under 18, but I really like poetry?


I’m sorry, our policy is 18+ and you MUST bring your ID’s.  There are a lot of great opportunities across the city that are all-ages, and if you need/want those resources, we’re happy to help!  Also, MASS LEAP is dope! Check them out:


I didnt get in last time.    What time  should I arrive to House Slam?


House Slam reaches capacity EARLY!  We advise our audience to arrive between 6:15pm and 6:30pm to ennsure that they're able to enjoy the show. 


How can I feature?  I want to feature.  Let me feature?


Our features are chosen to our discretion.  We will take into consideration if you're a traveling poet, but unfortunately, we do not generally take feature requests.


Frequently Asked Questions