Share your story and sign-up for our Open Mic!  We always welcome new poets and new poetry!  Feel free to share different types of poetry and art.


Here are some details about our Open Mic:


  • Open Mic begins promptly at 9:20 P.M.

  • Sign-ups are located at the door upon entrance.

  • 10 Open Mic slots are available (with a short wait-list).

  • One person may sign-up one name only.

  • If you are planning to compete in the Poetry Slam; you may not sign-up for the Open Mic.

  • Poets have a three (3) minute limit behind the microphone. 




A poetry slam is a funny little game that turns spoken word poetry into an extreme competition of words.  Random judges are chosen from the audience and numeric value is essentially given to poems to help determine the “winner.”  It is not a logical game but we play it anyway.  We like competition.  It helps us grow!




A maximum of eight (8) poets sign-up to compete in a slam.  Five judges (who are, in no way associated with the competing poets) are chosen from the audience.  Each round, poets perform their original work without using musical accompaniment or props.  After their poem, the judges will score them based on how they feel about the poem.  We encourage judges to factor both poetry AND performance.   The judges scores will range from 0-10.


 A “Zero” is blasphemy!  It is the vegetable that you avoid eating.  It is root canal procedure that went wrong.  It is the feeling of a bird pooping on your head while laying at the beach.  Clearly, not too many people deserve a zero. 


A “Ten” is perfection!  It is public transportation always being on time.  It is finding $100 on the sidewalk.  It is learning to play the Harmonica by Stevie Wonder, himself.  It is Beyoncé’s weave… sometimes.  Clearly, not too many people deserve a ten. 


Thankfully, we use decimals and there are plenty of numbers in-between to assist our judges, such as: 3.8, 5.9, 7.2, 9.5, etc.


We drop the high score as well as the low score for the poets to receive a maximum of 30 points. There are three rounds total, and after each round, we eliminate half of the poets to determine the winner.  The order for the 1st round of the slam is determined through a random draw.  The order of the 2nd and 3rd rounds are from high to low (scores). 


The winner of the slam gets $50 cash.  


“This is not a fair game—but it is a fun game.  If you are dedicated to poetry and not “winning” then you will win no matter what.”




Our qualifying season will be from: The 2nd Friday of September to the 2nd Friday of March.  Meaning, if you slam during this time, you have the chance to qualify for our team. 


Qualifying Poets will be determined from poets who place first in the slam; then poets who place 2nd; then most consistent poets who place in 3rd (meaning if you place third and you have slammed consistently, you will have the advantage over the third place poet that only slammed once).


Sixteen qualifying poets will compete in semi-finals on 4th Friday of March.  The top eight poets from semi-finals will compete in Finals on the 4th Friday of April.    There will be a "last chance" slam on the 2nd Friday of April to make a 9th competitor for our 2017 finals.    



Three poems prepared: 4-minute, 1-minute and a 2-minute poem.  Poets will draw for order of each round.  One of these poems must be never performed at the Haley House.



Three rounds of 3 minute poems. Poets will draw for order of each round.  One of these poems must be never performed at the Haley House.


The team will consist of 5 individuals.  

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